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Woodinville Women's Clinic ContessaA Tribute…

…to the world’s best dog (or so she would have liked to have you think.)

Contessa, affectionately known as Tessa and officially named Rogel’s Party of One (as a singleton) her name reflected her behavior as that of a privileged countess – with an attitude. 

Getting her paws wet was certainly not in her playbook until she experienced that joy along with her hiking pal, Paris.

Was Tessa stubborn, or was she being sure to smell the roses along the way and to help us realize how much fun life can be? Either way she liked to stop every ten feet during a walk for any smell she could detect.

“Come on Tess, lets go…” a tug on the leash… a rock solid stance from Tessa as only a Berner can do along with a quick glance that says I’m not done yet there are so many more things to explore and learn “sniff, snort.”

Woodinville Womens Clinic - TessaTessa was a happy dog that shared her joy of life with the many, many people that she met. If the large wag of her tail and smile didn’t get your attention, the sound of her bark certainly could, and those she really liked would get the happiness of her puppy bounce, even into her later life.

She could also express her love and caring spirit with you in other ways with the trademark Berner lean, a powerful head hug (head between your knees), with a flip of her head beneath your arm, or while lying down, with a quiet look from her deep brown eyes as she raised an eyebrow to check up on things (sigh), not wanting to miss anything in life, even to her final moments.

Woodinville Women's Clinic-ContessaAlthough her bark is no more, the happy look she most always had on her face will not be soon forgotten.

To Tessa:

You will be remembered by the many friends you made during your time with us, a circle of life and love begins anew.

July 28 2004 – August 23, 2014