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Usana True Health FoundationZora also contributes to the True Health Foundation in partnership with USANA Health Sciences. The vision of true health extends to all people. This organization has provided more than $927 million in aid to needy children and their families, Forbes magazine has named it as one of the nations most cost-effective charities, with more than 99 cents of every dollar going directly to those in need. In the  years that USANA and the charitable organizations have worked together, thousands of children have received daily nourishment, medical care and a renewed sense of hope, especially through the Wentz Medical Centres in Uganda, Cambodia, and soon Malawi, by serving children affected by diseases such as malaria and HIV.

healing-the-childrenOne of my dreams and goals has always been to give back to the world, that opportunity presented itself in the fall of 2010. I became connected with a wonderful non profit medical organization, and have had the life changing experiencing of serving rural populations in Guatemala,  I am also active in fundraising for Guatemala Village Health.

About Zora

I am Zora, and have been
a nurse practitioner for 30 years.ZP
Growing up in a very small farming community in Oregon, I was always involved in the health and wellness of our livestock, poultry and other animals.  My great grandparents from both sides of my family lived with us while I was growing up, that lead to many things, caring for them as they aged, and being bilingual in Finnish as well as English.  My family matriarchs taught me how to cook from the time I could step on a stool and reach into the sink to knead bread dough, they tried teaching me the tedious art of needle work… Now the only needle work I do are sutures, (and some occasional quilting).

Health care had always been an interest for me, and nursing school seemed like a natural progression.  Upon invitation to apply for an NP program in Denver, with 250 applicants and 12 of us getting accepted… my career as an NP was launched. I received a Bachelors in Nursing from the University of Portland, and my Masters from the University of Texas, Health Sciences Center in Houston. I have owned Woodinville Women’s Clinic and Optimal Health for 15 years.

My practice style is a blend of traditional western medicine and a variety of complimentary/alternative treatments. (for further clarity read the vision/mission statement). My philosophy is that I work on the preventative piece not just the treatment of the symptoms. I extend an invitation to come in for a meet and greet to see if we are a fit for your health care needs.