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I thank Zora for saving my marriage… I came in to have vitamin and hormone testing, knowing that things weren’t quite right.  I wanted to leave my wife thinking I wasn’t man enough to keep up with her and she deserved better.  I started the USANA vitamins and some natural Tesosterone, and within a couple of weeks was able to say. “I AM BACK”  Again, thank you to Zora for really listening and hearing what I was saying.  K.L.

I just had a first time visit at the clinic and a first time yearly exam, I was very nervous.  The front desk staff were very kind to me and encouraging about filling out all of the paper work.  I was made to feel very comfortable in the exam room and the fuzzy robes were a nice touch !  When Zora came in she immediately made me at ease and I was telling her things I never thought I would say to anyone else.  It was a very good experience, I am telling my friends this is where to go.  Thanks again.  C.J.

Have had several exams before and am new to the clinic.  LOVE the robes, by the way… Zora took the time to explain where all of my “parts”  were and made it clear, how everything like my ovaries, (the size of almonds…. Who knew????)   uterus and bladder all fit into that little space. Appreciated the teaching and learning about my body.  K.C.

After having the g-spot shot, my sexual experience was certainly enhanced.  Much more full, deep and satisfying orgasms.   I will do it again for sure.  My husband says thank you!!

Having a breast lump is a very scary thing, everyone was so kind and made me very comfortable, my regular doctor was out of town, but her nurse suggested I go the the Woodinville Women’s Clinic, wow am I glad I did…I had a very complete history and examination, got a mammogram and ultrasound the same day.  It was nothing, thank goodness, but I felt that I was really listened to and how scared I was, I could sleep that night knowing everything was OK.  Thank You Zora for your prompt attention to my concerns.

I was having some pelvic discomfort, and decrease in appetite, so I made an appointment to go see Zora.  After a very complete history and pelvic exam, we had a very frank discussion that something wasn’t right.  Zora called one of her consulting physician friends and I was seen that day, blood levels showed and elevated ovarian cancer screening level.  After ultrasounds and MRI’s,  I had surgery the next day for ovarian cancer.  I went through 3 rounds of chemo/radiation and am here right now to celebrate my life.  I believe it was Zora’s very prompt attention and persistence that I be seen immediately that saved my life.  There are no words to say “THANK YOU”  and the gratitude from myself and my family.  M.B.

I LOVE the ultra B injections, wow do I have tons of energy.

Take Charge weight program has changed my life… I now eat whole foods, make healthy choices and maintain my 60 lb weight loss.  THANK YOU

I was having hot flashes, couldn’t sleep and was beyond grumpy..let me just say:  THANK YOU ZORA FOR LISTENING  and I LOVE my natural hormones…