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Infrared Thermal Jade Massage Bed

We have something new and exciting here at the clinic for you to use. The Infrared Thermal Jade Massage Bed, is a combination from Chinese medicine theory and international health techniques.

This amazing bed pays particular attention to, health maintence, and the reduction of physical disease and illness.

By using these Jade stones in a creative manner, the Infrared jade bed helps you to achieve a wonderful relaxing balance within your body. The placement of the stones are scientifically aligned for healing as well as comfort and luxury, the jade is clustered in groups along the spine and the jade neck piece is on a slip track designed to match the curvature of the neck, traveling down to the base of the spine and back up to the neck. Healing is accomplished through far infrared technology, massage, pulling and extension of the lumbar spine and entire body.

The remote infrared ray of the jade can be easily absorbed by the body, which clears away some of the accumulations of lactic acid, inflammation, extra fat cells and toxins that accumulate below the skin. The infrared technology, coupled with the heat, enhances oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. When the body becomes warm, relaxation is a comfort and luxury, all the while the body experiences healing and regeneration.

This is a must for someone that experiences body aches, inflammation, back and neck discomfort, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or is just interested in increased oxygenation and healing throughout their body.

Come by the clinic for a free 10-minute trial, and experience the sensation of far infrared healing technology and the use of Chinese Jade stones to enhance your health.