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Same Day appointments and extended hours available Hours for the clinic can change, please call our office for specifics. 

If you are experiencing an emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency care facility. If you have an urgent need and would like advice please call the main clinic number, follow the prompts and you will be transferred to The provider on call. 

Phone Calls
Your telephone call is very important us as well as to you. Our obligation is to respond back as quickly as possible, during normal business hours if you have not heard back from us on the same day, please call again. 

On Call
Someone is on call for the clinic at all times, call the office phone number 425-483-1777 and follow the prompts, if you get a recording please say and spell your name and repeat your phone number, to insure we have the correct information to return your call.

We bill the insurance companies as a service to you. Please understand that medical insurance is your coverage, not ours, and we cannot guarantee payment, If you have questions, please call your insurance company before your visit to verify coverage. Please be aware of your benefits provided by your particular health care plan, especially preventative care coverage.

Co-pays must be collected at the time of the visit. This is a requirement of your insurance company. If you do not have insurance a 10% discount will be granted if the office charge is paid at the time of your visit. 

Insurance billing is a courtesy we extend from our office to you, knowing your coverage and deductables is your responsibility.

  • We take most major medical plans.
  • We do not take Medicaid/ apple health.
  • We do accept United Health Care Community Plan.
  • If you are one of our established clients and move into that Medicare time of your life, we will indeed still honor you and provide health care for you. With regrets we are unable to accept new medicare clients at this time.

If you are an existing client, we will continue your care. We are not accepting new Medicare clients at this time. 

PLEASE pay attention to your prescriptions and medications, you must call the pharmacy and ask for a refill, they will in turn fax the information to the office and we will refill accordingly.

Laboratory and Specialty Laboratory Testing
Routine yearly labs are generally drawn the day of your appointment. The best results come from “fasting”.  Fasting means nothing to eat after midnight, or 8 hours before your appointment, as much water, coffee or tea without cream/sugar. These results come back in a few days and you will either receive a letter with the copy of your results, or if your labs need further discussion and appointment may be warrented for the review.

All lab charges are billed directly by the lab. 

We now offer very comprehensive/integrative cutting edge laboratory testing. This testing helps us better understand how your body is “not working” Treatments are usually less invasive yet more effective and often utilized from the prevention perspective.

We offer testing in the following areas: 

  • Hormonal Balance: including women’s and men’s hormones, thyroid , hormone metabolism pathways and the ability to customize hormone treatment just for you. 
  • Fatigue Evaluation: We have testing available to check for adrenal fatigue, and treatment options to rehydrate and renourish the adrenals to return towards optimal functioning. 
  • Nutritional/vitamin testing: looking at vitamin levels to see what deficiency or depletions may be occurring, 
  • Allergy Testing: extensive foods, spices, inhalants, molds, along with celiac disease.

Specialty labs:

  •  Women’s hormone Health assessment:  Day 21 of your cycle/3 weeks after the start of your menses.  If you are menopausal then any time is great, time of day does not matter.
  • Micronutrient testing/Spectracell:  must be drawn before 3 o’clock.  Whole blood needs to be expedited to Houston for review.
  • Food Allergy and other Genova testing:  anytime is great.

Specialty labs usually take 3-5 weeks for return, you will get a call from our office when all test results are in and it is time to schedule a review.  In special circumstances a phone consult may be arranged. This visit will be billed to your insurance company.